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time is ticking babe!


Ahlan Wasahlan 2012!
Thank you Allah for giving me a chance to stood still, breathing, living brutally on your luckiest planet of all. Alhamdulillah i am now turns 20! 
Safely, Maturedly, Happily, and Gedikly
okayy takmau gedik dah lepas ni.
i wonna be a very matured, far sighted english teacher with new style.
okay bukan style, azam okay teacher =p

well to be frankly my last wishlist for 2011
was sooo many meh. and can't be count pun. 
antaranya i wanna be independent, hardrock(okay tapi tak rock pon),
hardworking, takmau hon kat orang merata, tak mau littering merata2,
tidak text boifie dalam kelas
(eleh time terdesak aku mengantuk aku hentam text jugak :0)
and etc lah..tak ingt dah.

it's true!
we hardly force ourselves to do whatever we never do
but penah dengar kan,
that's and idiom which i got in standard two i think and
at that time i wrote in my book
because i think 'tegal is a kind of animal'
*gelakgulinguling sbentar

okay back to the basic, just like everyone else, no matter who they are,
dari CEO syarikat smpai pakcik tukang sapu,
dari penghuni kota sampai pesawah di kampung,
ari darjah satu sampai tingkatan lima,
dari yang gemuk ke yang kurus (ini sensitif =p)
dari yang ada boifren ke yang single,
and whhhaaaattever and whomeverr they will be, 
everyone, everybody, everysingle person must have their 

(wishlist dalam erti kata lain)

dan oleh itu i am officially by here,
in the formal way, with the fonti assume can be read by everyone,
i would like to announce my 


1.  be a better muslim
2. be a loyal daughter
3. be a faithful girlfriend to my yayang =.= (malu ni malu)
4. be a friend in need is a friend indeed to my besties
5. limit my sleeping time and properly arrange it in a manner.
6. start training on sports and shine up my talents
(mungkin tawun ni boleh jadi wakil lari lagi untuk rumah hijau =D)
7. look before i leap, i mean in every words that burst out, avoid to hurt others
8. have my own style, and not just following others.
9. am not going to let others step on my head,
fight them as long as I can fight, and fight for my stand.
(am not going to just be unspoken, and let others terus menindas)
10. collects more and more collection of animal prints =p (okay itu mesti)

*and the 11th thing i guess is, i have to stop shopping the unnecessary thing. u are wasting money la!
#insaf sedikit tapi taktau lama mana
(it's a girl's must thing kan?)


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