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Nissin, YongNuo, Canon, Nikon. 
Those brands we usually heard from mastered photographer.
But what makes people moves to use speedlights or flashes?

well yeah have you ever met or see the page of
the most famous photographer,
AnnasEaskey Photography?
fyi, during this time, he is my inspiring sifoo!
you can judge how master he is in flashlights
and how terror(means hebat okay!) he is in
his photos shooting in light or strobe are totally

salute abg Annas! 

i try,
siriously in a very hard way to study how DIY works,
but the only aral melintang is,
I still got no trigger!

cik timah : bedah oi , hapo tu trigger?
cik bedah : laah kau ni timah. trigger tu yg kecik kecik tu.
cik timah : apo pulok kecik kecik? *garu kepala berkelumumur (ewww)
cik bedah : a trigger is a  handle mounted on your dslr body to remote
any device that was plugged-in to control it wirelessly.
(dengan slang mat salleh)
cik timah : *nganga*

haaa cik timah, ni laaa trigger yg cik bedah explain lagi tu.

lalu cik timah menggaru-garu kepalanya yg berkelumumur itu.
weh bedah, guano nak pasang nate ni?

okay timah. u listen for this okay.
the trigger has two cable. 
you see ha,
one cable you must plug in to your camera,
and to attach it with your flash,
then for sure laaaa you must plug in on your flash.
*cik bedah buat muka master*

and then haa. you can pose your
death pose to strobe yourself.
maybe like this.

okay thanks to beYbar for the picture.
that was during our last session strobist altogether.

so, since I have no trigger.
plan yang mula mula nak ber-strobist akhirnya jadi


*guess where this picture was taken?
(bulumatacecahkening ^^)

A. White room
B. Bilik putih
C. Studio AnnasEaskey
D. My hostel room

Jawapan : yg bergaris ^_^

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