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It's been a very difficult decision, to go or not. Ayah is not well enough after one week of the operation, but the plan of going to Hatyai with ayah's colleague has to move on. As being planned, ayah done the payment of the hotel rooms, two rooms pulak tu. Jumaat tu, ibu cakap, Along angah, kita ni nak pegi ke tak? kalau ibu tak pegi takpa? :(

But the kids! the little kids are the ones who extremely excited. yelah mana taknya, ibu cakap nak pegi luar negara (padahal sebelah sangat aje pn dgn M'sia). and they start chattering about the vacation since Thursday. kesian pulak kalau ibu tak pegi. Yelah, those who are under eighteen they must be under guardian(parental control).
#ehh aku dah besarr laa . hehe

okay that was pre-vacation.

And finally we go! Ayah send us to the bus(fully-sponsored-by-AgroBank Penang).

hew hew hew. melalui tingkap itu, kami melambai ayah.
and here we go .

Hello Thailand!
we went straight to have our lunch at Hotel Hatyai Lama(i don't know it's name in Thai =p) at the centre of Hatyai town. Because according to Salma (tourist guide), Hotel Hatyai Lama is very famous of their Thai cuisine. Most of Muslim's tourist love to drop by here and taste the different of their cousine. Their Tomyam is totally different ! 

 *nampak tu tgn alif tak sabar nak cekau Tomyam putih. hehehe =D

*infront of the Slubpet Restaurant.(idk what slubpet means, yg penting halal =])

As it was late, and we didn't have any time to visit Songkhla Beach, Uncle Raja(head of the tourist guide) advised us to proceed with our main agenda-shopping (sebab utama pi Thailand) 
hehehe =D

So, before we straightly heading to our hotel, we stopped at Nora's Plaza, a centre of authentic and genuine leather centre. It's just like a mini mall.

*pergi tempat leather tapi lain pulak yg di usha aku. perempuan kann. biasa latu.

Floating market is the next spot.

| fried chicken meetballs |

Anyone who is heading to Hat Yai will most likely pay a visit to this unique floating market. Just about all kinds of local Thai food, snacks and drinks are sold by local Thai hawkers on little boats that dock by the river here. The beauty about this market is that these floating hawkers line up side by side and number to about 100 boats at any one time.

 | bamboo drinks |

| deep fried spicy fish fillet |
*ibu and me fell in love with this!

that night, after check in the hotel. we stroll to continue our agenda of shopping for the second time.
it's like pasar malam or night market along the main road of China Town.

| me in the crowd-pakcik tu kenapa dah haa? |

| shop till you drop! dlm bnyk2 kedai, this one attracts me a lot! |

okay this is the last day. we woke up very early and there's only one thing in our mind - shopping!
ahaha. sounds crazy but that's the truth. pegi plak ngn ibu kan. 
dah memang darah mengalir dlm aku ni kaki shopping kan.
nak wat acane? =p

ibu suggests to us to shop at the Top Market. and to ease us, we just take Tut-tut (like a taxi) and every adult only costs 20baht (RM2). thus, we can go around the Hatyai City lagii!
Murah kan?

so we explore here and there-the Top Market!
#siriously haven ohh ohh!

| yg atas ni semua below RM35 |

| yg atas plak ni below RM20 |



and after a-shop-till-you-drop session about 4hours we went back to hotel and quickly packed our things because we are heading back to Malaysia! (rindu ayah)
On our way back, we have been told that we still got a place to 'visit'.
*ceh visit laa sgt padahal shopping

Danok ni lebih kurang mcm padang besar gak laa. 
harga dah lebih menjurus kepada harga standard Malaysia.
tapi still satisfied kalau you are very good in tawar-menawar!
hehehe =D

so had our last lunch (actually lunch meal, mcm laa kat M'sia tak lunch dah sampai bebila kann =p) 
we have it in Restoran Yasmeen.
But this time, Uncle Nizam (the lawyer) treats us!

| leleh air liur |

Tomyam ni paaaaling terbaik pernah aku makan! 
*phewww lap peluh sebab pedas sangat.