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A day of photoshooting ^_^

As-Salam bloggers.

It's already Saturday. butt (hehe but actually) i wanna recount about the day before today. hey gediks, cakap jelaa kemarin. hadoi.

Okay, and that day was the truly a day of photoshooting. =] yeayy ai laik it so much babe!
oke, let me start this with this kinda intro.

That noon, afta the class, ( hoyeahh ) supposely we go back and click on lappy for facebooking but then it  was inversely happened. kahkah

Intan Syamimi and me tried on the new lens from Abg Faizal. (fuiyyyooo!)

and here a few photos for ISMA scene. haaa? you donno what is ISMA?

Intan Syamimi Modelling Agency lah! -.-

siriously muka buruk gila! make up pn dah fade. tghari laa katakan =='

haha, takpe, btw, natural is perfect.



okayy, now we move on into the next session.

hehe ( wow banyaknyee session! )

but then, it's not ISMA anymore.
and me, as the sinior model ( bella kata ) had been the


walaweyy! gila berbakat hang Siti Anis!
(well yeah - muka mintak penyepak)

ha, and this very moment is in the evening, and bella had come with us!
( lepas kna paksa baik punyee ngn aku )

SORRY BELLA! but u did a very awsome and beautiful pose!

so, I manage to capture a few(s).
for sinior photog, i'm sorry for the inappropriate piccas.
i'm just a new beginner okay?


haaa, i love this one ( bottom )

frankyly speaking bella, u looked so dainty and nagging!
beruntungnyee sape yg dapat.
and the 3.2-skala ritcher-nice and eye cathing-dimples!

haaa, see. she's so charmed right?
and here you go a few(s) more...

wow her tall is just like a model what! OMG!
and don't be cheated! she is not as tall as tall as what you imagined!

look at this, CAREFULLY, and stared for a while!

comel, kecik, genit, kan dio? haa itu laa, eden da cakep daa.. =.='

alololo. tiut nye >.<'

and again, I take the opportunity to make a wallpaper for my lappy.

and now let's see

she is nia, nineteen, a math teacher :)
palys the role of kak sifuu >.<

while she is the minah gediks. hehe
trying to have a perfect angle for bella and so nia.
thanks to her :P
( sampai parkinson nia oi )

p/s : new scarf/shawl  waiting to their owner! come and grab one :)



Anonymous said...

just wanna saying nice pictures...lovely !! :)

CikSmile dtg singgah dan follow u~ :) jom tengok CikSmile kat sini >>

have a good time, dear !! :)

Bux Beunavista said...

thankss . i'll hit you back. nice to meet you here :)