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heyy! i wonder how people can only judge other people based on materialistics?
oke, we are human being somehow, and we have lust.
soo, do we need to have a something-called FRIENDSHIP relying on what-we-called PRICE TAG?

okayy.totally i would say NO.
I be friend with anyone, anybody, and any people.
aaaaannnd, i am NOT be friend with them as they are "ommaigaaaddd they are hot setaff!"

ok fine

tutup cerita.

so, as it was going to be the end of the semester, we had our farewell party!

a theme of Exclusive & Elegance

that's me, wearing all grey stuff!
that's intan wearing a beautiful black chiffon gown!
that's my merangkap roomate, teslmate, soulmate, jusmate5,  (hehehe)
fadh is wearing a gorgeous lavender dress!

*thanks to eyesnapshot*

so, again i've made my performance (jyeahh!)
and again, it was the PRICE TAG song.
I did sang the acoustic version covered by Maddi Jane,
*maaf kawan2 suara aku dah macam katak panggil hujan mlm tu haaa*

tgk sajaa, jgn komen >,<

P/s : bux is having too much feeling singing this song without realizing she's got spotted by many cameras -,-
okayy sorry then muka burukk ==,

i love this part of lyric :

"Why is everybody so obsessed
Money can't buy us happiness
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feeling Alright.."

i'm not pointing this out to somebody or someone,
butttttt (pesal aku suka mencarut ni weh)

Lu Pikir La Seniri!


*nak tgk Secret garden nih*